Fitness Tips

It is not only workout injuries that can cause problems for our bodies but sitting down all day at a desk in our office can also cause serious damage too. Poor sitting posture and a sedentary lifestyle do not only affect our mind but also wreak havoc on the body too, causing such conditions as diabetes, heart diseases, scoliosis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, backache, and headache – especially when you are above the age of 40.

Office jobs today have completely deprived us the time to engage in physical activities that will help promote our health. Experts suggest that taking frequent breaks from your desk job and moving for about 5-10 minutes may just be enough to help you fight the health risks associated with long shifts at the office. Unfortunately for most people, avoiding sitting and taking 5 minutes breaks is very difficult. So, if you are also the type that couldn’t find out dedicated time for workout, here are some revitalizing exercise you can do as an office worker to stay fit and healthy for yourself and your loved ones.